5 Ways to Help You Decide What to Write

Jan 2020

Writer’s block can be frustrating, especially when you’re facing a deadline. It’s inevitable that at some point in your career, you’ll need some new tips on how to get the creative juices flowing again. We’ve gathered 5 ways to help when you’ve run out of things to write about.

Write Ideas Down

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a topic or theme, especially when you’re in a time crunch. In order to prepare yourself for times when you feel less creative, keep a list of topics or ideas that you’d like to write about in the future. If you write it down, you’ll spend less time trying to remember that one great idea you had. 

Check the News

Current events may be a great way to help create relevant content that your audience will be interested in. This doesn’t mean you need to cover breaking news stories, but writing about something that people are discussing at the dinner table will help you become more of a thought leader in your industry. 

Create a Theme

Make sure your content is consistently on-topic. If you find a topic that excites your readers, you’ll have an easier time staying on track and creating new content. It will also help your audience grasp your perspective as a writer. 

Develop Good Habits

Good writing is developed as a habit. You can write in a journal once a day during a time you feel the most lively. You can also write down interesting ideas you have that randomly spark throughout the day, as we already mentioned. Regardless of what method you decide works best for you, the trick to making writing a habit relies on your consistency. 


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Repurpose Old Content

We don’t mean that you should copy what you’ve already written verbatim. Find a topic you’ve written about previously, and go more in-depth about something specific that was mentioned in your content. Maybe you originally wrote about how football is the greatest sport; your new topic could discuss the best player of the season or the upcoming SuperBowl. It keeps your content on-theme and will help you write with consistency.  


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