5 Things To Do On Social Media in 2015

Jan 2015

If you have a social media profile on any channel, it will come as no surprise to you that major changes are coming to social in 2015.

If you want your brand to stay relevant on social media, you are going to have to evolve your social strategy or risk getting lost in all the noise.

Here are some things to consider as you adapt your social media strategy in 2015. Follow these tips to make sure that you stay relevant and reach your target audience effectively.

Produce Video Content

Video will dominate social media as the most popular content format in 2015. Many brands will start to post weekly and monthly video segments to their social media channels to increase engagement.

According to comScore, more videos viewed on desktop computers are now played on Facebook than on YouTube. The graph below illustrates the sharp climb in video views on Facebook. A large part of video growth can be attributed to Facebook’s Autoplay feature. This feature enables videos to start automatically playing when a user scrolls past the post in their newsfeed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.20.10 AM

Your business can take advantage of this shift in video content by regularly uploading videos to both Facebook and YouTube. Facebook also rewards users for uploading video files directly onto their channel by giving them extra reach for their post. The more frequently you share great video quality, the higher your reach will be.

Take Advantage of SlideShare

SlideShare is a social media channel that offers users the ability to upload, share and discover different PowerPoint presentations. The social channel is often referred to as the Instagram of LinkedIn. SlideShare has been growing rapidly the last few years and in 2015, we expect it to become widely adopted by LinkedIn users.

This is a great tool to share bite-sized pieces of content with your LinkedIn audience. The channel is also great for SEO, since a good presentation can lead to a large amount of page views. SlideShare is also expected to launch video in 2015, so make sure you keep your eyes open for that.

You can start using SlideShare by uploading any evergreen business presentation that your company believes would be good for your social audience to watch.

Invest in Paid Media

Facebook has announced that it will begin to repress organic promotional posts on business pages in 2015. Twitter and Instagram still haven’t implemented a Facebook-like algorithm to hinder post reach yet, but we all know it could easily be added at any time.

Fortunately, social media advertising is extremely affordable and, when implemented correctly, it can spur 25% more conversations than organic social posts according to Convetro.

For small businesses, an advertising budget of $20-$50 dollars a month can have a large impact on reach and drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Republish Your Content

What was once a taboo on social media will become the norm in 2015. Republishing posts multiple times throughout the month will be widely used by brands on social media.

As organic reach drops on Facebook and other social platforms become increasing crowded, it has never been harder for brands to get their content noticed. As a result, brands will post the same pieces of content several times on various social media channels.

This presents a unique opportunity for your business because repurposing content leaves you with more time for one-on-one engagement with your audience. Facebook rewards brands that interact with their fans and you will see your reach increase because of engagement with your audience.

Take Control

Social media is still an extremely effective form of marketing when implemented correctly. A strategic combination of creating great content, using paid advertising and interacting with your audience can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website and will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

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