5 Copywriting Principles That Every Digital Marketing Strategy Should Have

Aug 2022

Writers make some of the best digital strategists because they understand the power of intimately getting to know a problem and finding a solution to address that problem. Below are some copywriting principles that companies can borrow when planning their marketing strategy.

5 Copywriting Principles That Every Digital Marketing Strategy Should Have

Extensive Research

Copywriting involves extensive researching skills. Researching is more than gathering facts and information — this principle involves weighing and analyzing information as it is gathered. A skilled marketing team can help your business determine how facts and information should be interpreted and ultimately relayed back to the desired audience.

Every marketing strategy needs time to gather all the necessary information needed to make marketing decisions, and a marketing strategy needs the right people to make interpretative decisions. These skills can be acquired through time, experience, and a nuanced understanding of a company’s target market.

Understanding the Bigger Conversation

Copywriters know that nothing happens in a bubble. Those seeking out specific content are often motivated by larger influences. Copywriters know that someone seeking out an SPF tinted moisturizer is motivated by their desires to feel confident, beautiful, and protected. Someone seeking financial planning services wants to have financial security, but may also seek financial opportunity. Many companies have a place in larger conversations that anyone can relate to.

A good marketing strategy is one that is specific and focused without having tunnel vision. Hyper awareness of potential customers and their day-to-day concerns can create a plan that addresses all possible needs.

Unique Selling Proposition

Copywriting is about making an idea stand out from the crowd. This is done by creating a unique voice and by knowing how the content stands out from competitors.

A marketing strategy must be confident on what sets it apart from similar products or services, and center much of its campaigning efforts around those propositions. Understanding these benchmarks and separators means that companies can dominate their corner of the market.

Clear Communication

Good copywriting is built on a base of clear and correct communication. Writers employ carefully chosen vocabulary and well-structured sentences to ensure that readers will not misunderstand what is being presented to them.

A good marketing plan anticipates the types of questions that potential customers will ask, and is able to address those questions with clear, concise, and clever language.

Brand Journalism

From the onset, a marketing plan should aim to tell a story about the company. In a story, a writer knows that one idea leads to another, and that cause and effect are how readers go from asking questions to finding solutions. A good marketing strategy is one that employs a story to let their potential customers know how their unique offering will address their needs, and add value to their lives.

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