4 Ways to Refresh Your Marketing In The New Year

Dec 2020

ways_to_refresh_marketing_in_the_new_yearA new year often feels like a new page – a time to reflect on the past and plan for an even better future. As we look toward 2021, this feeling of renewal can be applied to your business and marketing strategies. If you’re feeling like it’s time for some change, here are 4 ways to refresh your marketing in the new year.

Consider New Branding

When was the last time you refreshed your branding? If your business has been up and running for awhile, you may still be working with the same logos, brand colors, and website design as when you first started. The new year can be a great opportunity to revamp your branding to look and feel more modern – whether that means an entire start-from-scratch rebrand or simply updating your logo and website design, taking some time to refresh your branding in the new year can give new life to your marketing efforts and attract larger audiences.

Explore New Channels

Maybe you feel pigeonholed into continuing the same marketing strategy you’ve always followed. You know how certain social media channels work and don’t want to mess with something new. A new year can be a great opportunity to start exploring new channels to reach new audiences. Using TikTok in your personal life? Launch a brand page! Curious about Reddit? Start answering questions in threads. The new year is a great time to start experimenting with new platforms to find new audiences.

Create New Content

If you’ve been cycling through images from the same 2 photoshoots over and over, looking for new ways to repurpose them, now may be the time to get some new content into your library. Arrange a photo or video shoot to launch your 2021 marketing campaigns with beautiful, compelling, and relevant imagery. Many audiences are driven to take action by the quality of visual content your brand offers on social media, so staying up to date is essential for growth on these platforms.

Connect With New Partners

Small businesses with in-house marketing teams can sometimes begin to feel stagnant in their marketing capabilities. If you’re ready to expand your marketing in the new year, connecting with new partners is the best way to do so. Finding a photographer to shoot your new content, an ads professional to manage your paid media, or an agency like KWSM who can do it all for you is a way to expand your marketing capabilities and build new relationships to help drive your business forward.


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Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward in 2021. Choosing an experienced team like KWSM to help you refresh your marketing strategy can help drive leads and sales.


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