3 Ways to Network Online for Your Brand

Dec 2020

Creating social media accounts for your brand is a good start to reach your customers and audience online, but your efforts shouldn’t stop there. To keep your social channels active and excited, you’ll need to make time to network online. Networking can be as simple as liking your audience’s comments, but it’s powerful enough to produce great results for your business. 


Interaction is key for networking and should be approached in a non-invasive or pitchy way. Read our best recommendations below.

Connect With a Community

A good way to network with your audience is to find similarities in your values or views. Ensure that you’re stating what your brand stands for within your messaging. Create a community or connect with one based on the differences that make your brand unique and bring you together. This could be the fundamental reason you started your business, and sharing your opinions and feelings can help build relationships. 

Interact and Follow Up

You should make connections with people or businesses that you believe would make a great addition to your network. This could be a referral partner or an influencer. It is critical for your brand to not only make a good first impression but also follow up after the conversation. Once you’ve made your intention to connect clear, we suggest adding value by staying engaged. Stay top of mind by interacting once or twice a week. Examples of interacting with a potential connection include commenting, liking posts, or sharing their content. 

Reach Out for Referrals

Ensure that you’re building your referral network with partners that you can recommend to customers and will recommend your business. It’s not wise to connect with a direct competitor, but staying within a relevant category helps establish your authority in the industry. For example, if your online community is having a conversation about a new skincare routine and you provide makeup products, you can suggest a skincare partner for your audience to check out.



95% of professionals consider face to face communication vital for long term business.

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