3 Ways Rihanna Can Turn Us into a Social Media Savage¹

May 2018
Photo Credit: @badgalriri

You can find our handy glossary for our Rihanna-related colloquialisms at the end of this blog.

Is it just us or does Rihanna seem to be a beast at just about everything she touches? From music to makeup to fashion and now lingerie, she continues to outdo herself. And if you haven’t noticed, Rihanna has been killing it on Instagram for years.

From posting consistently and staying the Ri-Ri we all know and love, it’s clear that the Bajan queen was on track to building her brand. And she did this by establishing one heck of a presence on social media. If you’re looking to learn how to build your own Navy2

on social media, and deliver bomb3 content, let’s take a visit to the University of Fenty4.

She’s a Tease

…In a good way of course. Rihanna recently announced her new lingerie line, #SAVAGEXFENTY on Instagram with a photo of herself already wearing one of her pieces. But days before revealing the details of her line she posted this mystifying visual with the caption ”X”, obviously leaving her followers intrigued to know more.

Rihanna’s Product Launch Teaser

Your Lesson: When it comes to product launches, this is the way to go. The build-up to your launch should make your followers get excited about what’s coming next. Leaving one clue a day will keep them interested and make them even more eager to try out what’s coming when it launches.

She’s Timely

Rihanna shared her sock collaboration with Stance for Valentine’s Day, released her Fairy Bomb glitter bronzers in time for festival season and launched her STUNNAMOM campaign for Mother’s Day. She’s thinking ahead on how to deliver the right products at the right time for her fans.

Your Lesson: Even Rihanna shows up to the party early, so we should too. Marketing calendars are key to creating the best content for your brand and it’s clear that her team is on top of this. Create a calendar six months ahead of time that maps out all the holidays, events and seasons that are relevant to you. Planning this ahead of time allows you to strategize timely campaigns and gives you time to promote in advance. It also helps you save time—no more wasting 15 minutes trying to come up with a clever post.

Rihanna is funny, raw and best of all, herself. It’s obvious that she fully embraces the mantra, ‘no one can do you better than you. Share on X

She’s as Real as it Get’s

Rihanna is funny, raw and best of all, herself. It’s obvious that she fully embraces the mantra, ‘no one can do you better than you.’ Her audience relates to her because she stays true to her brand and her voice is unwavering. They are always amazed but shocked by what she delivers on Instagram. They fell in love with her unique style, down-to-earth personality and silly posts. She even follows and talks back when the Navy3 comments on her content.

Your Lesson: We preach authenticity every chance we get, but that’s because it works. If you stray from your brand’s voice and values, your audience can pick up on it and may be turned off. It’s also important to connect with your audience through relatable content they’ll enjoy. Interacting with them humanizes you as a business and makes them feel special and appreciated. So don’t forget to address their comments, comment on their pictures and give an occasional follow to a loyal customer. If Ri-Ri can do it, so can we!

Glossary of Terms

1. An act that is either cool or hardcore, going beyond the normal scope of the given situation.

2. What Rihanna calls her fans.

3. Something that’s very cool or good.

4. Rihanna’s last name.


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