3 Ways Companies are Using Socially-Responsible Marketing

Apr 2022

Socially-Responsible MarketingConsumers are focused on working with socially responsible businesses that align with their core values to improve society and make a positive impact on the world. As a result, some business owners are trying out socially-responsible marketing and finding new ways to build real relationships and show empathy to their customers’ passions. 

Socially-Responsible Marketing

 66% of consumers want to work with companies with philanthropic values. Socially-responsible marketing is the key to capturing this audience. This type of digital marketing strategy allows companies of all sizes to make a positive change in their communities. There are many ways that business owners can realign their marketing strategies with social change expectations. These include:

  • Reducing waste and carbon footprints
  • Charitable giving
  • Community volunteering
  • Socially and environmentally conscious partnerships

Through any of these avenues, companies can showcase what their business is doing on their marketing channels like their websites and social media and invite their audiences to join their mission. This socially-responsible marketing strategy communicates that organizations are more concerned with supporting communities as opposed to just making a profit. Here are some examples of how companies are finding success with this digital marketing strategy.

Wellness Subscriptions

Headspace, a popular wellness brand, used this style of marketing to promote its meditation and therapy services. The company saw that many individuals were struggling both economically and psychologically as a result of the pandemic and saw the need for a positive change. To solve this problem, the business offered a free limited-time subscription to their top services. As a result, Headspace built goodwill with its target audience and many of these free trials became long-term subscriptions. Not only did this business expand its reach, but it also made a positive impact on the community it was serving.

Diversity in Advertising

Diversity and inclusion are other large factors in socially-responsible marketing. In the past, many fashion brands have used one style of model for all of their products. However, consumers are looking for more “real” people and are turning away from brands not diversifying their advertising. 

Pink, a young adult clothing brand, is making strides with its efforts in this area of marketing. One of the elements in their Pink Action plan is people. This strategy revolves around providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds and lifestyles through different programs including college campus representatives, internship programs, brand ambassadors, and a diverse lineup of clothing models. In all of their marketing pieces, consumers can see a variety of different body types, ethnicities, and genders represented. As a result, the brand has truly built a community behind its products.

Environmental Impacts

Several businesses look towards the environmental aspect of socially-responsible marketing strategies. Johnson & Johnson, a well-known family brand, focused its initiatives on reducing the company’s impact on the planet. This involved a larger plan to change production practices to wind power that also resulted in providing safe water to more communities in the world. They have successfully shared this initiative with their audience base through their marketing and helped consumers feel like all of their purchases are making a positive change.

There are many ways that your business can utilize socially-responsible marketing. Whether your business chooses to focus on your local or global community needs, a strong digital marketing strategy can help you properly showcase the positive impact your business is making and build long-term support that can help you achieve these goals.


88% of people want to know about a company’s corporate socially responsible efforts.

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