3 Simple Tactics to Improve eCommerce Conversion

Feb 2021

how to increase conversion rate_woman shopping with bagsWhen a customer visits your website, this is your opportunity to give them a reason to buy your products. As eCommerce marketers, we have a responsibility to fulfill the expectations of customers and give them the tools they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Here are 3 simple tactics that you can use to increase your conversion rate and empower consumers to checkout with confidence.


Showcase Your Products with Media

This may sound obvious, but many websites are still not executing the basics. Lack of high-quality photos or videos will result in potential customers’ distrust of your products. Think about it like this, if you’re looking at a dating profile, would you date someone who only provides 1 photo? Probably not. The same rule applies to your products. 

These photos should showcase your products from various angles and include zoomed-in detail shots when appropriate. If photos aren’t doing your product justice, try including a video. Videos can be great for demonstrating how to use a product, showcasing items that are difficult to photograph, showing movement, or establishing the size of a product relative to a model.


Utilize User Generated Content and Reviews

According to Digital Information World, User Generated Content or UGC drives major results! UGC is proven to increase the number of repeat visitors on a site, the amount of time a user spends on a site, as well as the conversion rate specifically for products. Adding reviews to product pages is another effective way to get third-party opinions on products and services to help build the credibility of your brand’s products. 


Organize Information for Easy Consumption

Information overload is a surefire way to get prospective customers to jump ship. When displaying product descriptions, concise information and bullet points are your best friends. Organize important information in a way that’s easily digestible yet informative and persuasive. If you have additional information that needs to be communicated, consider making a short video or infographic, which will be easy to understand with minimal effort from the shopper. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your products in their full glory and encourage your customers to benefit from their investment. 


80 percent of people stop doing business with a company because of poor customer experience.


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