3 Reasons to Use A Remarketing Ads Strategy For Your Business

Jul 2020

Using digital ads for your business can help you spread the word about your offerings and drive traffic to your website, but what if website visitors don’t convert to customers right away? They may be interested, but they’re not buying.

Ensure you’re taking the right steps to get the sales you’re looking for. If you are seeking to convert more website visitors into customers, take advice from a digital marketing agency, and consider remarketing ads.

Brand Familiarity

With remarketing, you can improve brand recall. Once customers visit your website, they are familiar with your brand even if they don’t make a purchase. When they continue to see remarketing ads, you are keeping your brand in front of these customers and reinforcing its familiarity. That can keep you top of mind until they are ready to buy.

Audience Targeting

Going after a cold audience who knows nothing about you can be a swing and a miss, so use remarketing to target audiences who have already visited your business’ website. These people are considered warm leads. Since these customers have demonstrated their interest in your business before, keeping your ads in front of them will enhance your marketing efforts, and may be the push they need to make a purchase.


Both brand familiarity and audience targeting play a part in helping to increase your conversion rate. Your ads can push people to revisit your website and potentially convert this time. The more that your audience sees the ads, the more likely they are to return and make a purchase. With remarketing efforts, you are ensuring that when a customer is ready to make a purchase, you are still top of mind.


megaphone56% of companies use remarketing to gain customers.

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