3 Growing Digital Marketing Trends

Jan 2021

3 digital marketing trendsThe year has just begun, and there are endless possibilities to expand your customer base. There are new digital marketing trends taking the industry by storm, and your business can benefit from this boost. Whether your digital marketing strategy includes paid or only organic tactics, you can incorporate any of these into your campaigns.

Long-Form Video

For years, digital marketing experts have talked about the benefits of video content. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have skyrocketed this desire for video. Now, 85% of consumers want to see more consistent videos from companies they follow. Although short-form clips like Reels and TikTok features have seen success, long-form video is making a comeback. 

Long-form videos come in a variety of presentations. The most popular options include live streaming, explainer videos, and testimonials or reviews from customers. The success of these comes from the educational aspect of the media. Instead of just posting a clever advertisement with a catchy song, businesses can use long-form videos to educate their audiences about their company, products, and services. This tactic helps to build brand affinity and positions businesses as an industry resource.

Localized SEO

Search engine optimization is a growing digital marketing trend that results in long-term success. Although many businesses adopt this marketing strategy, many overlook the power of local targeting. 46% of all queries on Google are for local searches. Consumers want local solutions. Whether that’s a product or a service, they want to work with someone who can relate to their city. There are several simple ways for your business to use this strategy:

  • Optimized map listings
  • Update Google My Business
  • Create content focused on local events 
  • Gather local reviews

As part of localized SEO, you may also want to consider optimizing your keywords and phrases for locals using voice search. This comes into play when users are relying on devices to provide directions and even operating hours. 

Voice Search Keywords

Similar to using audio search with directions and business hours, voice search optimization is a trending tactic businesses are using to tap into instant results. With programs like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistance, and even chatbots, consumers are relying more and more on their vocal cords. 71% of consumers prefer to speak a query instead of typing it. Your business can tap into these search results by optimizing your content to include conversational keywords. This persona-based content should include your top FAQs and industry questions. As a result, you can work towards having your blogs and business rank in the top results for these voice searches.

megaphone63% of businesses say their biggest challenge is driving traffic and generating leads from their marketing. 

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