3 Components of a Strong Yelp Profile

Aug 2021

Here at KWSM, we’re big fans of Yelp. When it comes to online reviews, Yelp is one of the best websites for consumers. Users can contribute their opinions of businesses they’ve visited, and potential customers can read those reviews to help inform their decisions.

Besides reviews, Yelp offers a variety of tools to business owners who manage their Yelp pages to add additional information so that page viewers can get the most value and information. 


Here are a few components of a strong Yelp profile. 

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Creating a strong Yelp profile for your business can help you communicate important information to potential and established customers.

Include Your Business Address and Hours 

Besides leaving reviews, one of the top reasons that users view Yelp pages is to find basic information, like your business’s location and your hours of operation. 


If your business operates exclusively online, highlighting your customer service phone number and website may be more important than highlighting your hours and address. 


It is best practice to post your normal hours of operation on Yelp, but for holidays or other special occasions where your business hours will differ, you’ll want to log in and temporarily change the hours of operation to reflect that. 

Include Professional Photos on Yelp

If your business has professional photos of your product or service offering (which for multiple digital marketing assets is a good idea), upload them to your Yelp page. 


Yelp will denote that these photos were uploaded by the business owner, and prioritize them first in the order of photos that are shown to visitors viewing photos on your page. When uploading your professional photos, don’t forget to add a caption that tells viewers what the product or service depicted in the photo is. 

Add an About Section to Yelp

Just like on any other digital platform, the About section on Yelp is a great way to give viewers a quick introduction to your business. 


A best practice for an About section on Yelp is to mirror the About sections you’ve crafted on other platforms, such as Facebook. 

Link from Yelp to Your Website 

Yelp has an area on your business page where you can add the link to your business website, and your business should take advantage of this. 


Including this link is a great way to drive Yelp page traffic back to your website, which could potentially lead to more customers and a ROI. Linking back to your website from Yelp is also good in terms of SEO. 


You can’t control Yelp reviews themselves, but by creating the strongest possible profile by including all of these elements, along with responding to all comments, you’ll be giving your business the best chance of success on the platform.


The Importance of Corporate Philanthropy97 percent of consumers spend money with a business that they have found on Yelp. 


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