10 Best Practices to Protect Against State-Sponsored Foreign Cybersecurity Attacks

Mar 2022

10 Best Practices to Protect Against State-Sponsored Foreign Cybersecurity AttacksAs the potential for state-sanctioned foreign cybersecurity attacks rises, KWSM is dedicated to remaining a cybersecurity leader in the digital marketing space. Our clients and partners have unique digital needs and vulnerabilities, but any organization, regardless of size, can fall prey to these threats. Vigilance is needed from every party, from the IT providers, to the marketing professionals and the end users, to keep digital assets protected.

Malicious actors will likely use tried-and-true methods to access digital infrastructure, including phishing, brute forcing, implementing ransomware, and gaining long-term access in compromised environments. Implementing best practices for yourself and your organization can close gaps in cybersecurity. With an increased focus on state-sanctioned foreign cyber-attacks these days, taking additional precautions can keep your team protected.


General Cybersecurity Best Practices for Organizations

Adopt a Heightened Sense of Awareness: Increased awareness and conversations across each department in your company tightens your organization’s cybersecurity. These conversations include frequent staff training. Encourage your teams to maintain open communication about threats or potential threats they experience, including suspicious emails or stolen hardware. Ask them to speak up, even if the threat seems minor.

Patch Known Exploited Vulnerabilities: Be aware of which software applications are used by your organization, and remain vigilant in running any developer updates, and staying up to date on news and potential vulnerabilities.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication: Limit user access to those who truly need it, and authenticate users. Many programs allow you to limit access by location. Enable those features if made available to you.

Update Tools Frequently: Developers catch and patch vulnerabilities, so update software and hardware regularly.  Developers will often send news briefs about recent patches and why they were implemented. Read those updates to remain aware of new weaknesses.

Contact Your IT Provider: Your IT Provider can look at the specifics of your organization and make suggestions for its structure. It may be impossible for them to arm every miniscule piece of digital infrastructure your organization has, as IT teams can get overloaded, but they will know which areas to focus on and prioritize those.


Best Practices to Protect Against State-Sponsored Foreign Cybersecurity Attacks

Block Traffic to Client Sites by Country: Restrict any connections from countries except those in which your organization does business. This may be a feature of your network’s firewall.

Limit Incoming Emails to Countries in Which You Do Business: This action may prevent individual users from falling victim to phishing attacks.

Delete Any Unused Software or Plugins: Your organization can limit its chances of falling victim to a software hack by eliminating the number of applications to which it is attached.

Close Down Open Ports: Eliminate remote access except from countries the organization works with. Utilize your firewall to restrict access except from authorized static addresses.

Be Prepared: Talk to your IT provider about creating a contingency and recovery plan in the case of a malicious event.

Overall, preparedness is an organization’s best tool to defend against the rising potential for state-sanctioned cyber-attacks.

Does Your Organization Have the Digital Support it Needs?

Today’s digital landscape is changing, and teams need resources on their side to remain safe and operational. KWSM delivers effective and beautiful website design with cybersecurity best practices in mind.


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