Avoid the Chopping Block! Here’s How to Successfully Style Photos of Food

Avoid the Chopping Block! Here’s How to Successfully Style Photos of FoodWhat’s the fun of eating a delicious meal if you don’t show it off on your social media channels! It’s no secret that we love donuts here at Katie Wagner Social Media and with our office splurges come ample opportunity to show our love of the yummy treat with pictures. Whether you’re in the restaurant industry or are just interested in showcasing office culture, pictures of food can add some flavor to your content.

Taking photos of food can be a bit tricky, from the colors and contrast to the plate organization; a lot of factors go into taking the perfect food picture. As you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’re bound to find photos of food that work and the ones that are on the chopping block. Here are ways to successfully snap photos of your food on social media!

Light It Up!

When it comes to taking photos of your entrees or treats, lighting is everything! The most ideal is natural lighting for your photos, this will help you get a good control on shadows and will result with well-defined images. If you’re in a restaurant or kitchen with limited natural light, avoid harsh lighting and flash. Move to a spot with indirect light or use a friend’s flashlight on their phone! 

Set the Stage

Now that you have the spot with the best lighting for your photo, it’s time to set the stage. Keep it simple; we want the focus to be the food, not the background! Try using a plain white plate on a marble or granite countertop or a wooden table. Another option for your backdrop is to hold up your food in the air. Make sure when doing this, you focus the camera on the food to blur out the background. 

Style Your Delicacies

Get creative and try new ideas to make your photo eye grabbing and unique. Some of the best food photos out there are the ones that are a little messy with sprinkles scattered on the counter or a bite taken out of the food! Add in some props for added texture in the photo. Examples of successful usage of props are an ingredient from the recipe, a cup of coffee, or even your hand getting ready to grub! Remember that less is more, so one or two props can enhance the photos but you are the judge if it starts looking busy.

Now that you know how to successfully take photos of your food and leave your audience hungry for more of your content, see these tips to become an Instagram guru!

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