Ads for All: Instagram Offers Advertising to the Public

Photo: @glowdigital

Earlier this summer, Instagram announced that it would be adding a call to action button for users whose objective was to illicit a response from their followers. This was incredibly exciting news for the millions of restaurants, pop-up shops, coaches, and photographers that leverage Instagram as a way to boost sales. With this addition, they will finally have an Insta-approved method of funneling their loyal fans to their intended conclusion.

Yet what the innovators at Instagram failed to mention is the newest update in features: an application-programming interface that allows users to create ads with specific targeting, delivery, and optimization. The new features are currently only available to mega media launch partners such as Salesforce and Brand Networks. They include scheduling, audience monitoring, and, of course, directly targeted ads. After the initial beta test, these new capabilities will be available to the masses.

No one can predict how Instagram advertising will evolve, but what is certain is the impact the new capabilities will have on digital marketing efforts. The numbers speak for themselves: 300 million engaged users that are expected to represent more than ten percent of Facebook’s revenue by 2017. Now, with the addition of high-tech advertising, businesses can better reach their target audience when and where they are most likely to exercise their purchasing power.

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