3 Ways to Leverage Facebook to Hire Your Next Rockstar Employee

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If you own a business, chances are you’re already aware of Facebook’s importance in growing your brand’s recognition. But did you know this platform can also play a crucial role in growing your company?

We’re talking about using Facebook to help you scout new employees. While it’s wise to use all your social media channels during the hiring process, Facebook can prove to be especially helpful.

According to a nationwide job seeker study by Jobvite, candidates looking to get hired prefer Facebook over any other social media network. More specifically, a staggering 83% of job seekers reported being active on Facebook, while other sites such as LinkedIn only had 36% of candidates looking around. This gets even more interesting when you consider the fact that recruiters are much more active on LinkedIn than on Facebook, giving those who use the latter platform a leg up by getting exposure to more job seekers, and worrying less about competition from other recruiters.

So how do you go about making sure you’re using this resource to its fullest potential? It goes way beyond just putting up a few posts about a new job opening.

Check out our tips for finding your next rockstar employee on Facebook.

Create a Jobs Tab on Facebook

It’s common sense to list the open position on your company website, but you’ll find it beneficial to put the posting up in several places. One simple thing you can do is to create a jobs tab on your business’ Facebook page.

A jobs tab gives you a permanent place on the page to list any openings that are available within your company at any given time. Users can search for these positions and apply right through the site.

Additionally, users can refer candidates by sending information about the open position to others who may be interested. Some apps even have features that gather data on recruiters’ or current employees’ Facebook friends and determine promising matches. These users can then choose to privately invite whomever they wish.

You can create a jobs tab by finding specific applications on Facebook or by doing some good old-fashioned Google research to see which application will work best for you. Some good ones to start with are Workable, Jobvite and Smart Recruiters.

Set-up an Ad

Setting an ad can expose your company to thousands of job seekers who could be the right fit for you.

A Facebook ad allows you to geographically target your potential employees, as well as zero in on the type of person you want. This tells Facebook to serve your ad more effectively so only the most relevant users will see it.

Remember, you will need to pay for an ad, but you can set your campaign budget based on your own needs and goals.

To set up an ad, go to Facebook’s advertising section, and it will walk you through the whole process.

Post it

Posting about the open position is a must, but you can get more mileage out of a post by both boosting it and pinning it to the top of your page. Not all of your followers will see everything you put on your page. By boosting a post, which you can do by clicking on the “Boost Post” option on the lower right side of a chosen post, you’re essentially telling Facebook to show your post to a bigger portion of your audience, for a longer period of time.

Boosting charges you a small fee, but pinning a post is completely free.

The pinning option is useful if you have a fan-base that visits your page frequently. A pinned post appears at the top of your page and is the first one a user sees when they click into your page. Once you’ve found someone to fill the position, you can unpin it or delete the post altogether.

Your company’s success relies on quality employees. With over a billion users on Facebook, why not incorporate this platform to help you build your dream team? Use these tips, and you’ll be welcoming your next employee in no time.
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