YouTube for Dentists: How to Use Videos for Your Practice

May 2013
YouTube for Dentists
Dentists, use videos to build a rapport with your patients, so they’ll look forward to coming to your office! Thanks @carlycatastrophy for the picture!

Dentists, are you on YouTube yet? I know you’re thinking, “Why in the world would I need to tinker around with silly videos when I have problems like root canals and gum grafts to worry about?” But I can tell you that with a little bit of thinking outside of the box and strategizing, you can turn YouTube into an incredibly powerful tool for you and your dental practice. Here are three ways you can incorporate YouTube into your marketing plans:

Create Meet the Office Videos: Film interview-style videos of you and your staff. You can talk about your experiences and why you like being in the industry. The idea is to make your office feel like more than just an office; you and your staff are real people who care about getting to know your patients and bettering their oral health, so let the world know! Most people have anxiety about going to the dentist, but they will feel more comfortable about making an appointment with your office if they get to “meet” you first by watching your videos.

Educate Through Videos: Film videos of you talking about dental practices and procedures. Explain how you would go about certain operations, and walk your viewers through the entire process. How do your methods set you apart from other dentists? Also, use videos as an opportunity to discuss the state of the industry. Dentistry is an ever-evolving practice with new technology coming forward every day. Keep your viewers informed about the changes in the industry.  The more knowledgeable you come across to your viewers, the more comfortable they’ll feel about having you as their dentist.

Share Aftercare Routines: How many times have you received calls from your patients asking about aftercare routines for a procedure you just performed on them? Instead of having to explain these details over the phone, why not show your patients the proper aftercare methods through your videos? These videos will not only be valuable to your patients, but also to other people searching on the web as well.

Dentists, has this inspired you to dust off your cameras yet?  Drop by our Facebook page and let us know how filming goes! We’d love to give you pointers and tips.


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