Why You Should Start Your Own LinkedIn Group

Mar 2013
By creating your own LinkedIn group, you can be a leader of your industry and help build a thriving community of like-minded people.

Groups are powerful tools for networking within LinkedIn, but have you ever thought about taking it a step further and starting your own LinkedIn group? Here are my top five reasons why you should create your own group on LinkedIn:

1. You can be a thought leader: You’re already an expert in your field, so why not just own up to it? Creating your own LinkedIn group means you’re establishing yourself as a leader in your industry. By using your group to share quality content, start engaging conversations and interact with others, you will create a community that will not only support you but also look to you and your group as a trusted resource.

2. You can build a community: People love being a part of a group or community. With your group, you can connect like-minded people together and create a thriving place where people can come to discuss their interests and passions.

3. It’ll increase traffic to your website: You can add your website to your group’s description, which is one of the first things people see when they join a group. Also, when you blog, you can post up links in the group and drive traffic to your site from there.

4. You’ll network within a targeted audience: LinkedIn has over 200 million users worldwide, so sometimes it’s a little overwhelming trying to go out and find people to connect with. When you start your own group, new connections will come to you. Building relationships through your own group is a more organic way of networking on such a vast site.

5. It can be great for your business: This shouldn’t be your main objective for starting a group, but it’s definitely a plus! Again, you’re trying to build a community with your group, not sell. But, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a big potential for your business to spark interest among your group members.

Will you start your own LinkedIn group? Let us know how it goes!








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