When Should My Business Send a Press Release?

Jan 2020

Is your organization considering entering the world of public relations? If you’re trying to reach an audience outside your usual sphere of influence, or simply trying to spread company news quickly, a press release may be the answer you’re looking for. 

Press releases make up a significant portion of PR and help disperse specific information about an organization to a larger audience with the help of various media outlets.

The release frequency is completely dependent on your organization’s size, industry, and particular needs. Here are a few reasons to send a press release:


Big News

As a general rule, any time you fill a high position (such as C-suite or board member), open a new location, enter a partnership, etc., you should send a press release. Most companies won’t need to alert the media every time they hire a new employee, however,  if your business is expanding quickly and you’ve recently hired a large number of team members in a short amount of time, you just might have a story to tell.


Upcoming Events

When your organization decides to host an event, especially one that will be open to the public and local businesses, sending out a press release ASAP is key. In most cases, the event’s success will be measured by the attendance level. While sending out a newsletter to your consumers and posting to social media can be helpful, a press release will help you reach a larger audience outside of your current sphere of influence. 


Product Launches

Is your company getting ready to launch a new product or service? This is where incorporating press releases into your PR strategy can be hugely advantageous. Whether this item is simply an update of an older model, or a new product altogether, you should notify the public through as many channels as possible to promote the launch well. 

In each of these cases, it’s important to note that there’s no guarantee that your story will be picked up even if you send your story to a large number of PR sources and media outlets. If you’ve had difficulty getting traction on your releases, you may need to research your sources more thoroughly to make sure they’re of high quality and relevant to your news.


92% of consumers say they trust earned media over purely promotional content 

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