What is a Twitter Chat?

Mar 2014
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Social media is a great tool to start a conversation with your potential customers. In fact, Twitter allows you to do just that in an instant 140 characters or less with an event called a Twitter chat.

A Twitter chat is a scheduled, real-time conversation on Twitter with a group of people. You choose a topic, date, time and a hashtag and it is essentially back and forth conversation between you and other users. Twitter chats serve as great opportunities to connect with other users interested in your business and/or industry to gain credibility and often, more followers.

Create a Hashtag

The hashtag is created by the host and allows users to view the thread of tweets to navigate their way through the chat and participate. It is important to include a hashtag in every tweet in order for it to be visible in the Twitter chat. With only 140 characters to work with, if you are hosting your own Twitter chat, you want the hashtag to be something short that defines your topic so users have more space to write their tweet.

Choose a Topic

The best part about hosting a Twitter chat? It can be about anything you’d like! For instance, if you are an interior designer, you can conduct a Twitter chat on answering questions on home design. This will show credibility and expertise in your industry to others – which is a great way to gain more followers and perhaps potential customers/clients.

Let’s say you’re a fitness trainer. You could conduct a Twitter chat that discusses creating a routine of simple workouts to do during your workday. Think about how you can provide value through your Twitter chat by answering questions people might have about your industry.

If you’re simply participating in a Twitter chat, you should participate in one that relates to your business so that others can see your knowledge and enthusiasm for your industry. For example, if you’re an event planning company, maybe join a Twitter chat about planning weddings. Be careful not to plug your business or sound promotional, as this will only deter followers. You are already getting their attention by participating in the Twitter chat.

Start Chatting

Don’t forget to be on time to your Twitter chat and start chatting! Whether you are hosting or participating in a Twitter chat, the goal is to be visible – so don’t be shy. Have a list of points or questions to talk about during the chat to keep the conversation going. We’ve covered best practices to use during hosting Twitter chats to help.

Have you hosted or participated in a Twitter chat? Tell us about it!

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