Twitter Teases Edits and Instagram Helps Shoppers

Nov 2018

Is a Huge Change Coming to Twitter?

There’s been a lot of change in the world of social media. Twitter is considering giving you editing power, Instagram opens the doors to additional insights, and Linkedin helps your business promote relevant content. These are the top social media stories making news this week.

Twitter Opens Up the Possibility of Editing

If you love using Twitter, we have good news: you may not have to delete tweets! Twitter is teasing that you will be able to edit tweets in a recent talk by CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey said that the massive social media platform had been considering an edit button for a while, and that it needed to be done “in the right way”.

While there isn’t a date when this will roll out, Twitter users should expect the ability to edit recent tweets but that tweets made over months or years would likely not be accessible by any editing feature.

Instagram Readies For Christmas Shopping

Just in time for the holidays, there is a new update for Instagram. You’ll be able to save products and shop for products from videos you watch. Users will be able to save their favorite products to shopping collections while also sharing holiday gift idea lists. A redesigned Shop tab will also let users see all of a brand’s products in one place, making buying even more streamlined.

LinkedIn Shows Content Suggestions

With LinkedIn’s new Content Suggestions feature, users and businesses can get recommendations on which articles to share. This will help businesses that use the professional social platform to create content that actually resonates with their target audiences. Now businesses will be able to create great articles that attract LinkedIn readers in their target demographics.

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