Twitter Question: Do You Follow Back?

Jan 2012

I am always shocked by the number of people that don’t follow back on Twitter.  Now, there is no rule saying that you have to, but it just seems like the right thing to do.  If I have determined that your tweets are worthy of me following them, then that’s a big deal, right?  Shouldn’t you think so, or even notice enough to say thank you, or at very least follow me back?

I know that I am so grateful for all of my followers that I have, and I try to follow back everyone that is a real person, who is actively engaged in Twitter.  I do have a few rules for people I don’t follow, simply because they are most likely spam.  Here they are:

Stephen’s do not follow Rules:

  1. No real picture – put a picture, put a logo, put something other than the egg!
  2. No bio – if you don’t have a bio, I am not going to follow you, how am I supposed to know who you are?
  3. No tweets – why follow someone who hasn’t even tweeted, or has tweeted very little?
  4. Followers much greater than following – if you are following 2000 people and only 100 follow you, then something is off, and I think you might be just trying to get followers instead of actually engaging.

Here’s my bottom line: if someone follows me, and they are a real person, and aren’t trying to sell me something, I will follow them back.  It’s a way of saying thank you and a way of building your reputation.  After all, social media is about playing nice, and connecting with interesting people.  It’s easy to forget that sometimes, but it’s the truth, and it always will be.





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