Three Things Every Social Media Channel Must Have

Feb 2014
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If you are going to create social media channels for your business, it’s important to make sure they are set up properly.  I can’t tell you how many businesses I search for online that have incomplete or poorly set up social media channels.  Having channels that do not reflect a professional image will hurt your business more than they will help it.

Your brand should look the same in every place it appears online. It will serve you well to establish some standard guidelines for setting up your social media channels, so that your company is easily recognizable and looks sharp online.  Here are three things you must do to make sure your business profiles stand out from your competitors.

Upload a profile picture

Every single social media channel is going to require a profile picture of some kind.  Choose a picture of yourself, or a logo, and use it on every single channel.  Be sure it’s a clean, quality picture or image and fits nicely when you upload it.  If you don’t have a professional headshot, I highly recommend that you get one.  This will add a lot of credibility to your business.  Cropping yourself out of a family photo never looks good.

Upload a cover photo

Cover photos are just as ubiquitous as profile pictures.  Nearly every single social media channel has a spot for one.  Because of this, it’s important to choose a picture or a graphic that represents your brand.  The cover photo is a little trickier than the profile picture in that each social media channel’s dimensions are a little different.  If you aren’t graphically inclined, consider hiring someone to help make each photo fit just right.

Write a standard ‘about’ section

Just like a profile picture and cover photo, there is going to be an ‘about’ section on each social media channel for you to be able to talk about your business.  Write a standard ‘about’ section and use it on each channel.  This, too, might need to be tweaked, depending on the channel.  For example, Twitter gives you a limited number of characters for your bio.


Having a consistent message and image will strengthen your brand on social media and allow visitors to immediately recognize your company, whether they see you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other channel.

Have questions or need help setting up your channels?  Feel free to comment below and I will answer them for you!

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