The Power of a Regram

Jun 2014
Photo: @m3iyimee
Photo: @m3iyimee

A regram on Instagram means re-sharing another user’s post. Ideally, you would choose posts that reflect your business, products/services and overall brand. A business adding re-shares to its own Instagram is building an image-based community of not just its own images but also the fan’s images. This allows your audience to see that you’re connecting to your fan base and gives them an emotional relationship with your brand.

Several businesses rely on their followers to help them create a buzz about their product or services. For instance, Anthropologie regrams photos from their followers that feature their clothes or a décor item. (See blow.) This incorporates a human element into the brand and encourages more followers to share their personal photos with the brand for the possibility of being featured on the account. (Who doesn’t want to be insta-famous?) This also allows users that visit your Instagram to see the products/services in action so they can better decide if they want to purchase them.

Photo: @anthropologie
Photo: @anthropologie

Different types of businesses can use regrams. Do you own a salon? Show off your work and regram those just-out-of-the-chair post-appointment Instagrams of your clients. (Make sure to tell them to tag you in the post, too!) Maybe you’re an author and just released a novel. Ask your followers to share a photo of themselves with your book at their preferred reading spot. You can regram your favorite. This also exhibits a contest-like element that may encourage more users to get involved. Regramming isn’t limited to visually appealing products/services and virtually any business can make use of this practice.

Some businesses create a hashtag to help them find photos of their customers using their products. Often, users will hashtag the name of your business, so it would be a good idea to keep up on searching that hashtag to be aware of who is posting about your business. Additionally, when you do post a regram, be sure to hashtag #regram or #repost to let your followers know and always give credit to the user by tagging them.

Also, apps like Instarepost and Repost for Instagram work effectively to best capture the posts original content and credit the user at the same time.

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