The Marketing Power of Facebook Quizzes

Apr 2014
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What Mad Men character are you? Should you upgrade your iPhone before the next release? How many life skills do you really have?

Every day BuzzFeed quiz results make their way into your Facebook news stream when you least expect it. You are going about your day, when you find out that your neighbor really should be living in Italy. Or you are about to schedule dinner with a friend at a local steakhouse, when your feed shows that their dream job is to be an animal rights activist.

BuzzFeed, the social news and entertainment company founded in 2006, has generated lots of additional traffic for their website by way of quizzes that appear daily on Facebook. Users are flocking to the surveys as a way to relax and share their preferences with friends and followers.

What can business owners learn from this? As a business marketing tactic, surveys can empower brands to easily and gently grab the attention of vocal consumers as they scroll through a busy newsfeed. As you try new ways of engaging your followers on Facebook, a quick survey can help you learn more about your audience and their needs.

Within a Facebook group or event you can use the “Questions” status update option to conduct polls. However, this option is limited to groups and events. To engage your audience and drive traffic back to your website, consider building your survey in a third-party platform like SurveyMonkey or Polldaddy. Many of these platforms also offer an app for Facebook that will allow you to embed the survey directly onto your fan page.

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