The Importance of Your Social Media Story

Aug 2016
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Follow Us on Instagram: @kwsmteam

You’ve heard the buzz about Instagram adding stories similar to Snapchat and how the question is becoming, “Do I post on Snapchat or Instagram or both?” While some are sticking with Snapchat others are enjoying Instagram’s new added feature. Both social media platforms give you the opportunity to do one crucial thing; Build your social media story.

Whether you choose Snapchat or Instagram, it is important to share a story that inspires others to interact with you and come back for more. We’ve got three reasons why you should be sharing stories about your business:

Share Stories That Describe Your Business

Unless your consumers visit your business every day, all day, we guarantee they miss the heart and soul of your business. Share with them to show them what they are missing. This is your opportunity for your customer or fans to know you better.

If your business team gets together every other week, share photos. Better yet, share video. Or if your administrative assistant does a million things a day, along with taking phone calls and scheduling appointments, feature a day in their shoes. Show the boss interacting with different people each day. Giving an inside look of your business allows people to feel more connected to your business and relate more.

Set Your Business Apart From Others

You might have the best car dealership in town, but a new consumer in the market may not know that. You can offer them an inside look to make them feel like they’ve been a customer for the last ten years. Virtually show off your team and your facility to connect the audience to your dealership.

Once you’ve built an online relationship with that customer, you can offer them exclusive sales and details about special events. Use social media stories as a selling point to show how your business will offer the better experience, deal, and interaction to the consumer.

Be Memorable

A great story goes a long way. Don’t just post the same, repetitive information about your business. Having stories and content that stand out can make the difference in that customer choosing your business over your competitor’s.

The great thing about social media storytelling is that it allows you to be creative and establish yourself. It also plays a huge force in brand recognition in the mind of consumers. Be undeniable on social media. The more you get a consumer interested in your company, the more they are likely to visit your business.

The importance of social media stories goes beyond which platform is best. Using the right platform for your business is the first step in the right direction. From there, it is how you execute telling your story.

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