The Importance of a Strong Brand on Social Media

Mar 2014
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Let me start off with this: I am not a branding expert.  However, because of the nature of our business, we delve deeper to understand the brand of the companies we work with.  We have worked with companies that have strong, established brands and we have worked with companies that have poor or undeveloped brands.  What we have discovered is that the companies that have a strong, well-defined brand tend to do better on social media.

Why is this?  Well, let’s define the main components of a brand that are used on social media and why each component makes a difference.



Every company needs to have a standardized logo.  This logo is likely going to be used in some way on every social media channel.  If you have an attractive logo that represents your brand, it will dramatically increase the attractiveness of your social media channels.  This will add legitimacy and encourage people to engage with your company.



It is easy for companies to focus on a logo and not think past that.  However, your visual brand goes much further.  You also need to define pictures or graphics that are standard for your brand.  This is especially important for social media because nearly every social media channel has cover photos and other places to put pictures to customize your profile.  Be sure to have standard photos that represent your company, as this will create a stronger presence.


Short Description

You need to create a short description for your company.  How short? Less than 140 characters.  That is basically one sentence.  This may sound impossible, but nearly every social media channel has a spot for a short description.  The more compelling and catchy you can be, the better.


Long Description

Many companies already have this.  It’s essentially the ‘about’ section from your website.  I recommend that you keep it to 2-3 paragraphs long and highlight the important parts of your business.  Remember, you want people to go back to your website, so give them enough to get interested, and then give them the option to go to your website to learn more.



Here at KWSM, we work especially hard at understanding and internalizing the voice of our clients.  We do this so when we post on their social media channels, it sounds like them.  Having a clear picture of what your voice is and who you are talking to will help you create content more easily and confidently.  This will attract the people you want.


Company Name

This might be less obvious, but is actually extremely important.  Be sure you define exactly what your company name is and use that everywhere.  Here is an example of what I mean.  Let’s say you are an attorney and your name is Joe Smith and the name of your firm is “Law Office of Joe Smith”.  Be sure that everywhere you put that name, and be sure that it stays consistent across all of your channels. Don’t change it to “The Law Office of Joe Smith” or “Law Offices of Joe Smith”.  This sounds obvious, but it’s important for brand consistency.


Needless to say, there are many other aspects to a company brand that are important and many other aspects that play a role in social media.  However, these are the most important aspects of your brand when it comes to your social media presence.

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