LIVE from Atlanta! | Social Media Help Desk Episode 26

Aug 2018

Live from Atlanta?! That’s right – this week, we’re taking the Social Media Help Desk on the road! KWSM President, Katie Wagner, is streaming live from our Atlanta, Georgia office with panel members Adam Greene and Jacy Johnson to discuss current social media news along with our featured topics: how to decipher social media analytics and best practices for email blasts.


Are customers on your email list marking your emails as spam? This is the kiss of death for email marketers and could be happening to you. KWSM Atlanta Content Editor Adam breaks down what you need to be doing when sending monthly newsletters and eblasts.


As a business using a social media marketing strategy, it is vital that you understand your social media analytics. Listen in as KWSM Content Editor Jacy is talking Dark Traffic. From explaining what it means to how you should interpret it, the KWSM Help Desk panel members are discussing it all.


Instagram hacks, new LinkedIn groups, and frantic Twitter users freaking out over a new API? Social media is making headlines! Find out what you need to know from our weekly news breakdown.


Does your social media strategy have you feeling overwhelmed? We’re here to help. Submit your questions to the Social Media Help Desk panelists at and tune in next week to get advice from your favorite social media markets LIVE at 12:00 PM PST.

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