Social Media Hidden Gems

Nov 2016

You’ve heard about the big guys – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and chances are you are already using them to promote your business. Popular social media sites like these are important, but are you missing out on an opportunity by not expanding past the most talked about sites? We stress the importance of finding your audience and putting your content a place where they will see it, so where else are your potential customers hanging out online? These under-utilized social media platforms can be great places to expand your reach and show your message to even more people.


Yelp can be a user-generated content and testimonial goldmine – if you are using it properly. Your regular customers would be much more likely to leave helpful, positive feedback if it was easy and accessible. Yelp is used for reviewers to post comments about their experience as well as photos of the location, service, product, etc. Use Yelp to interact with your customers. In the event you receive a complaint or feedback from an unhappy customer, you will be alerted and will have the opportunity to communicate with the customer and help resolve the problem first-hand. Users can upload personal photos, which can later be used to create content for your company’s other social media channels. Customers are going to share their feedback no matter what, with Yelp, you are able to interact with the feedback and show your customers that you really care about customer service issues.

Google Plus

Google Plus may not have taken off as Google expected, but since it’s 2011 creation it has transformed itself into something much more helpful. Because Google Plus was created by Google, it is directly related to how your company is ranked in search. Most users only check the first one or two pages of Google for a site. Posting regularly to Google Plus over time will improve your Google search ranking and will get your website in front of more people. The information you supply to Google Plus about your company is also generated into Google. When your customers search for your business, the address, phone number, and any other info you’ve provided will be easier for your customers to find.


Personally, you’re probably using Youtube to watch videos, but are you taking advantage of Youtube to create and promote content? Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every day. You are missing out on a huge audience by not having content uploaded for your audience to view. Any video you produce for your business, whether it be a professional company video or livestream video from Facebook, should be uploaded into Youtube for your audience to find in search. Apart from Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Uploading videos to Youtube will expand the reach of your brand and open a door for new customers to find your business.

We LOVE the popular social media channels and continue to use them every day, but what other social media sites can your company benefit from? Exploring your options will give you the best chance of finding an engaged audience and lead to future customers or clients. Interested in what else is new in the world of social media? Check out the top news stories from last week here.


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