Social Media for the Travel Business

Apr 2013
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Trekking through the world of social media is a wise choice for any business. Each of the different channels provides a unique way to connect with customers and clients. This is especially true for experience-based businesses like Adventure or Travel. Here are a few ways to get the most out of social media for your travel business.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a site that allows you to create several virtual pin boards and store online content within them. As an agency you could use these boards in several different ways. One board can be created as a sort of online portfolio of trips that you have put together and another board can be made public so that your clients can post photos of the vacations or adventure trips that you have arranged for them. Another way to utilize Pinterest is by creating price-specific boards and showcasing different places and experiences that can be had within that price range.

Twitter: Twitter would be a good place for travel alerts. These alerts can be anything from low airfare prices to weather updates from popular vacation destinations. You could also tweet out a daily deal or daily vacation package that links back to your website.

Facebook: Facebook is a good place to interact and relate to potential customers. This is where you would want to post interesting travel content. You could post backpacking articles or travel videos related to interesting places – basically anything that would get the attention of the travel-minded consumer. You could also showcase some of your more exciting deals, but you want to make sure not to come off as pushy or “sales-y” as that turns people off and could potentially veer people away from your page.


So now it’s time for you to  cast off and set sail on your social media adventure! Bon voyage!


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