Social Media for Interior Designers

Apr 2014
Photo: @sscinteriors
Photo: @sscinteriors

Combining knowledge and aesthetic vision, interior design is an industry that is founded on creativity. By transforming simple spaces into works of art, interior designers are artists in their own right. Social media is a great resource for people in the design industry to share their projects and ideas in order to connect with potential clients.

Here are two social media channels you can use for your interior design business:


Purely based on photos, Instagram is a no brainer when it comes to the design industry. As an interior designer, you can share progress updates on current projects, before-and-after photos of spaces, and lots of behind-the-scenes snapshots – a trip to pick up rugs for a client, choosing paint colors (as shown below by interior designer @leelee1331) and more. Since you are typically in business for yourself as an interior designer, you can also share bits and pieces of your personal life too (just be sure they are appropriate). This gives prospective clients a look at your style, and also a peek at your personality. (Who will they be working with if they hire you?) Instagram gives interior designers a chance to show that they not only produce quality work, but that they’re fun, creative people to work with.

interior Design Instagram


Images can convey the quality of an interior designer’s overall style without saying a word. The highly visual social media network Pinterest is another perfect forum for interior designers to connect with potential clients. You can use Pinterest to showcase your best work, new ideas, and decorating tips you’ve picked up along the way. Renowned interior designer, Mark Cutler  (shown below) does this on his Pinterest channel with boards for inspiration, his completed work and art. The boards you create on Pinterest give potential clients a look into your sense of style (both personally and professionally) and create credibility when showcasing your completed work. The best Pinterest pages take users on a visual journey of ideas and inspiration, giving prospective clients a taste of their approach to design.

Mark Cutler Pinterest

Another great thing about Pinterest is it can drive traffic back to your website . This exposes a potential client or customer to what you do, and can be the first step to closing business.

Of course there are other channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) that may benefit interior designers, but because Instagram and Pinterest are visually powerful tools, they are a good place to start. Sharing projects, ideas and inspiration… the creativity is endless!

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