Social Media and You

Jun 2012

Social media has blossomed from its early origins of sites like Xanga and Myspace to a more relevant marketing phenomenon.   Businesses and marketers have endless tools at their fingertips that facilitate nationwide and even global recognition.  Social media has leaped across borders, has united societies and has brought a whole new x factor to marketing.  The internet has revolutionized our world.  With the existence of such a new found glory, the dynamics of business and marketing will forever be changed for the better.

Outbound marketing, an aging term in today’s marketing vernacular, is slowly taking backseat to the new and improved idea of inbound marketing.

No longer can businesses rely solely on TV ads, billboards and traditional marketing techniques for it bears heavy costs and simply isn’t that effective.  Inbound marketing takes business to the next level by integrating the vast array of social media sites with the desire to extend to a larger audience.  Marketing has become a two way line of communication between consumers and businesses.

Did you know?

With services like TiVo and DVR 86% of people fast forward through TV ads?

200 million Americans have registered their phones on the FTC’s “Do Not Call List”?

Around 44% of direct mail is never opened and usually winds up in the trash?

Inbound marketing focuses more on a communicative aspect.  Customers are earned through non-intrusive advertising and are earned based on a genuine interest.  A marketer must make a connection between their audience and their business.

One might ask how do consumers become interested. The answer is through social media.  A Nielsen study has revealed that Americans spend 23% of internet time on social media.  4 out of 5 people interact with social media either via the internet or through apps.

Connecting to customers is more important in this day and age and proves successful in generating business.  An astonishing number of marketers have shared that social media sites have been crucial to their company.  Studies have shown that 67% of B2C and 41% of B2B have acquired customers through Facebook alone.  These sites allow people to associate themselves with brand image and company lifestyle.  Facebook, twitter, blogs, e-news letters and more, provide individuals with the ability to learn, comment, share and relate to the information being passed on by businesses.

People want to be part of something, they want to share ideas and they want to learn. Social media allows business to fuel these desires.  Attaining customers in such an interactive way stimulates trust and understanding.  Best of all social media is free…for the time being.  Marketers don’t have to buy customers thus can spend more time and energy on blogs, Facebook and even SEO.  Businesses can provide something of value to customers and cut costs while doing it.

Social media is today’s next best thing.  In a society dominated by online presence, not having social media puts you at a disadvantage.

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