Responsiveness is Key; Commit to a Mobile-Ready Website Refresh

Apr 2018

Connectivity is a necessity; and if you’re like many people these days, you can’t breathe without your electronic device.  That’s right. To some of the disciplined out there, OK… you’re better than us. But for the rest of us junkies, having that mobile connection is a must, and that means that if you want our business, you will be where we are.  Here’s why you need to modernize your site for the mobile audience.


Smart Devices are Here to Stay

Yeah, you may not have evolved to the iPhone X, but chances are you’re carrying some type of smartphone or tablet.  The days of lugging laptops around aren’t completely gone, but there is just much more convenience in using mobile devices.  From avoiding inane chit chat in line at the grocery store to relying on them for directions, smartphones have become our friends.  For some, they are a crutch. Having your page appear crisp and clean and functional is critical. If your site can’t conform from a desktop page to a tablet page to a smartphone page, you’ve got a problem.  The audience will simply give up and look elsewhere.


The Modern Day Word of Mouth is Online

Forget getting your news and information from the barber or at the hair salon.  Immediacy is key. For that, people are armed with their Androids and Apple devices 24/7.  They are living on social media, balancing out their time between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  And when something catches their eye? They aren’t waiting to get back to the old desktop. They are clicking through on their devices hoping for a seamless experience.  You need to be ready and waiting.


SEO Shoves Mobile in Users’ Faces

Google flat out admits; mobile-friendly sites rank higher in searches entered on mobile devices.  If you’ve worked hard to build your SEO, don’t let it fail you on a whole set of devices. Make sure you get the click, and your competitor doesn’t.  That only happens when your site is mobile responsive.

Certainly, maintaining a website that is aesthetically pleasing to the audience is key.  Your site also needs to be easy to navigate and push users through whatever process or funnel you’ve designed.   You wouldn’t eliminate a whole sector of prospects and leads would you? So why would you risk alienating your mobile audience from your unfriendly mobile website?  

Talk with an expert. A redesign may not require much, and it may open the door to a whole new audience hoping you have the answer they need. Want to learn more about KWSM Design? Click here.

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