PR Pitches That Score & Making Your Facebook Stories Stand Out|Social Media Help Desk Episode 96

Mar 2020

It’s all about standing out, doing something different, and capturing the attention of the billions of people glued to their screens each day. In this episode of Social Media Help Desk, Host Princess Ruff, Managing Content Editor Rick Ormsby, and Content Editor Meredith Ashburn discuss how to make your Facebook stories stand out, five components of a killer PR pitch and what’s trending on your favorite social media platforms.

In The News (00:18 – 08:43)

We didn’t see this coming(yes we did), Twitter is the latest social media network to announce they’re joining the “Stories party” by introducing a new feature called “fleets.” Plus, Instagram is thinking about adding video responses to IGTV videos, and Facebook introduces a faster and simpler version of Facebook Messenger. Princess explains how it all works.

Standing Out In The Crowd (08:45 – 16:01)

Despite some skepticism, Facebook Stories are growing in popularity, and businesses are cashing in. Fans are using brand stories to learn about products, make online purchases, and connect with their favorite companies. Rick breaks down the simple ways to stand out when creating your Facebook Stories.

Knocking Your Pitch Out Of The Park (16:03 – 24:45)

On average, people spend more than two hours a day on social media, and with numbers like that, it seems to get your message out would be simple, but that’s not the case. It takes a compelling hook and a well-targeted audience to cut through the noise of mass distribution. Meredith shares what you should ask yourself before sending out a press release.


Did you know Facebook Stories has 300 million daily active users?

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