Pinterest Tips for Creative Professionals

Jun 2015
Photo Credit: @paperfashion

Creativity is huge on Pinterest. After all, areas like Home Décor, Art, Design, Food, Illustrations and Photography are significant enough to have their own dedicated sections on the site. With so much attention on the finer things, it only makes sense for creative professionals to have a presence on this channel.

If you love the idea of adding Pinterest to your social media portfolio but aren’t sure where to start, here are some simple tips to get the most out of your time on the site.

Make pins that create value.

Are their some approachable DIYs that you can share with your fellow Pinners? Don’t be afraid of giving the milk away for free! Great stories on social media give your audience valuable information, and offering some honest guidance can help to establish you as a professional. Keep your target audience in mind when creating your content, and don’t forget to link back to your website and blog posts!

Keep formatting in mind.

In an industry where the details matter, Pinterest’s long-form format can be a creative’s best friend. Combine photos showing step-by-step instructions, a project’s different angles or a collection of similar work to inspire your audience. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much could you say with a series on them on your Pin?

Strategically showcase your portfolio.

Pinterest boards provide a great opportunity to share your work in an approachable way. Rather than creating a board that simply says “My Work” or “Design Ideas,” try breaking your examples into themes. For example, an interior designer could make boards called Portfolio: Coastal Chic or Man Cave Inspiration to show off their versatility and appeal to the right customers.

Craft some mood boards.

Design is something extremely personal, so it’s always a good idea to show potential customers that you can understand and embrace their vision. Since your customers will have their own tastes, a smart move is to create different mood boards showing your inspiration for unique concepts. Again, separate them out by theme, and consider creating community boards to collaborate with clients!

Do you have more tips for using Pinterest? Share them in the comments! And for more social media know-how, be sure to join us for our webinar!

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