Nike: Branding Done Right

Oct 2018

Most businesses use social media to talk about, well, business! They post their products, talk about their services, and even discuss pricing. If you’re like most consumers, then this isn’t the best way to reach you let alone build a brand.

One company that does branding right that everyone knows about is Nike. If you watch Nike’s commercials, ads, and media, they don’t mention how much their Air Jordan’s cost, and they don’t always focus on the shoes or clothing in their images.

Instead, Nike tells a story. Every Nike ad is oriented about the story of taking action. Each post links the visual story of taking action, being proactive, and getting things done with the slogan “Just Do It.” What this does is inspire people and connect with them on an emotional level.

When your brand is able to connect with your potential customers on an emotional level, then you have achieved something that no price tag or well-lit product picture can do. You’ve made your customer feel something and understand your brand’s story. For Nike, that story is that each of us, whether athletes, professionals, adolescents, or anyone, can “Just Do It” too and conquer our life’s obstacles.

To follow Nike’s example, you should ask yourself, “What would my brand’s story be?” Try and think what emotion you want your potential customers to feel if they see your social media and visit your website. Even if you don’t use a slogan, think for a second what your slogan would be if you had one. Doing this exercise can really help you think about your business beyond products, prices, and services. As a business owner, you need to think of how your brand makes people feel and how you are going to tell your business’ story to people in a way that connects with them.

When you’re able to connect with your customers on social media, they will know your brand and even like it if it is something they are interested in. Once they know and like your brand, they can grow to trust it. Trust is the final step before a customer is ready to take the plunge and buy your product or service, which is the whole point of branding for business, so get started on your branding process, and you’ll be well on your way to connecting with customers.

How well does your website tell your story?

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