New Year, New Marketing Strategy

Jan 2018

The start of each year is the perfect time to experiment with new advertising tools and start the year off fresh with a new approach to digital marketing strategy and social media advertising. The best way to do that? Evaluate how you’re digital marketing is working and if that approach is working for you. The first place to turn is some of great tools! Complete your first new year goal by testing out a new social media ad you may be unfamiliar with, LinkedIn Lead Gen ads!

LinkedIn Lead Gen ads are similar to Facebook’s lead generation tool and launched in April of 2017. They are a powerful tool that are often underutilized on the business networking platform. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is made up of mostly business professionals, giving you higher quality leads than any other platform.

Since the ad is synched with user’s LinkedIn information, once a user has clicked on your advertisement, their information will come preloaded in the form requiring the user to make only a couple of clicks to submit their information. This small feature makes all the difference in the conversion rate, as the easy system is user-friendly and fast for your potential client.

LinkedIn’s analytics make it easy to determine the ROI of your ad and can be used as a tool for determining advertising budgets for the future ads on the platform. Once your ad concludes, you can easily download your newly acquired leads to your desktop or preferred CRM platform.

No matter your specific marketing goals for your business this year, creating and running successful advertisements should always be near the top of your list. Social media is always changing and requires an open mind to try new things! You never know what will work best for you, and your business. Start 2018 off right with a strong social media presence. Learn more about what KWSM can do for you.

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