Social Media Changes & Better Marketing Results | Social Media Help Desk Episode 90

Jan 2020

Another round of changes for some popular social media sites, including one aimed at helping people who may be distressed. In this edition of Social Media Help Desk, Managing Content Editor Rick Ormsby and Content Editor Princess Ruff discuss the expansion of the “compassionate search.” They also pinpoint the best way to showcase your brand on Pinterest and how to get results from your video marketing efforts.

In The News (00:30 – 10:02)

Can searching for things online help search your feelings? After launching its “compassionate search” in the United States last July, Pinterest decided to expand that feature to nine more countries. Plus, Instagram has removed the IGTV icon from its homepage, and Twitter is going to limit replies on tweets for a more positive experience. What this means for users and your business.


Pinning Your Perfect Story (10:03-12:59)

If you use Pinterest to connect to customers, it’s important to choose pins that best represent you and your brand. However, you’ll want to share more than just your products and services. Rick discusses other types of content to incorporate, and which questions you should ask before you start pinning.


Watch Me Now (13:00- 22:40)

Including video into your digital marketing strategy can give you an advantage over competitors. By 2022, it’s estimated 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from online videos. While your video marketing strategy should begin with brand awareness, there are several different styles of videos that can help you better target your audience. Princess explains how to pick the right strategy.


Did you know 72% of consumers prefer learning about a product or service through video?

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