Mix Tapes and Tahitian Fruitcake: Keeping your Facebook Page Relevant

Jan 2013


Have you ever walked into a business where the shelves are dusty, the paint is peeling and the soundtrack is a poorly recorded mix tape from the early 90s? If you have, chances are, you immediately walked out. One of the keys to gaining and maintaining a customer base is keeping your company’s image relevant and fresh.

With over 820 million active users and potential customers participating in social media, the Facebook Business Page has become a modern day storefront. Therefore, the importance of “dusting the shelves” and giving the walls a “fresh coat of paint” is more important than ever. By continually posting fresh and engaging content, your customers will view your business as one that takes the time to connect with its people and one that is able to adapt to the changes in which people relate to business (why use a mix tape, when you’ve got an ipod?).

It’s not always cool to keep it old school

So how do you dust off and repaint your virtual storefront? By posting effective and engaging content. This doesn’t mean arbitrarily updating a status here and there. It means creating content (be it videos, pictures, blogs, updates) that your clients and customers may actually enjoy. For example, if a small bakeware company only posts things such as “Our bakeware is very tough and you can bake lots of different things with it”, the customer will easily get bored and will likely not return to the page. However, if the company posts a video of their bakeware surviving a fall off of a five-story building or a recipe for exotic Tahitian fruit cake that can be baked using their product, the customer is likely to return to the site, or even “share” the content with their friends.  These are obviously extreme examples, but you get the idea.


By taking the time to “dust off” your Facebook Business Page and by posting fresh and engaging content that users will actually connect with, you will have effectively used Facebook as a tool to gain and maintain your customer base.  Well done, you!






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