Messaging and Visuals Matter for Strong Branding: Here’s Why

Aug 2020

messaging_and_visuals_for_brandingDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, brick & mortar closures and minimal physical contact have become the norm, and it has made brand discovery online more popular than ever before. The sea of companies fighting for exposure on the internet is increasing, and developing a strong brand identity is essential in order to stand out from the crowd. To create a strong foundation for your business presence, both messaging and visuals matter. Read on to discover how you can create them for your business. 

Why Branding Matters

As a business owner, you know the value you can deliver to customers. The strengths and weaknesses of your offerings are clear, and you know what types of people you can serve. To a customer, however, these things are not easily determined if you don’t have strong branding. When we break it down, a brand is simply the sum of all the experiences you have with a company, from the first point of contact to the final conversion. Your brand includes all the identifying marks that distinguish your business from others, and creating a consistent one is key to effectively appealing to the people you want as customers. Messaging and visuals are two major players in creating a strong brand.


What Strong Brand Messaging Looks Like

Strong messaging is a component of branding that may take some time to develop. It not only includes what you want to say as a company but also how you want to say it. Brainstorm some buzzwords for the tone and communication style you would like to present. Determining your brand personality is a great way to start writing strategic messaging that accurately represents your brand, and resonates with your audience. As you start writing material, you should focus on a few key pieces that can be used in an array of places. Write an “About” boilerplate, a long-form company description, and a one-sentence blurb to use in social media descriptions and other small spaces. Taking time to be thoughtful about these first messaging items will set a strong foundation for the rest of your messaging as your brand grows.


How to Create Strong Brand Visuals 

Visually, strong branding includes more than just a logo. Each and every photo, infographic, and other imagery you share should follow guidelines you outline to keep a consistent brand look and feel. To determine your visual brand identity, start with your logo. What colors are involved? Are there any shapes or geometric patterns that can be transferred? What is the overall emotional feel? Answering these questions can help you create a list of colors, themes, and feelings you want to include in all the visuals you create. Consistency is key to creating strong brand visuals. 


How to Get Started

When building brand assets, it can feel overwhelming to determine where to start. Among a variety of platforms, website pages, and different types of marketing collateral, how do you know what the first step is? Once you have your logo and tagline determined, sit down with your team to brainstorm buzzwords, tone, colors, and target audiences that align your business and its goals. Hiring an agency to develop a brand strategy is an easy way to take the creative pressure off your plate, and give you more time to focus on day-to-day activities. A digital marketing agency has the expertise and experience to develop strong brand messaging and visuals that align with your company’s goals. 


Consistent presentation of a brand has been seen to increase revenue by 33 percent.


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