LinkedIn's New "Endorsements" Feature

Oct 2012

Last week I wrote about my not-so-secret protocol on getting more LinkedIn recommendations. Like I mentioned before, having recommendations on LinkedIn gives you credibility for your work and your abilities, and amps up your clout. Having someone else vouch for you speaks more volumes than anything you could ever say alone. Why else would job recruiters ask for candidates’ references?

We know that getting LinkedIn recommendations is tough. It consumes time, and requires people to sit down and expend some effort. But LinkedIn recently introduced a new, less time-consuming feature that will allow people to easily endorse each other’s skill sets.

LinkedIn’s new “Endorsements” feature allows users to recommend their colleagues with a click of a button. This new method capitalizes on the “Skills and Expertise” section of users’ profiles—users can endorse their contacts’ listed skills with one simple click.

Make sure you fill out your “Skills and Expertise” section with your top marketable skill sets. If you’d like to be more proactive about getting more Endorsements, try sending out a message to a few of your contacts asking them to endorse a specific skill. Also, visit some of your contacts’ profiles and endorse their skills too—they’ll be more likely to return the favor.

LinkedIn’s new Endorsements feature is quick and painless, and although it doesn’t replace a LinkedIn recommendation, it still validates your skills and allows other people to recognize your value.







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