LinkedIn Company Pages Sport a New Look pt 2

Nov 2012

Along with the banner images and a more visible products and services feature, the LinkedIn company pages are also sporting some other new looks.  LinkedIn, in recent months has been making all sorts of changes to its home pages, the feed as well as various other changes to the interface.   The most recent was the revamping of the company pages.

More of the new looks include a prominently featured product/service recommendation section and what LinkedIn calls “featured updates.”

As people can recommend and endorse your personal profile, they can also do this to your company page.  Instead they recommend your businesses particular products or services rather than your personal skills and expertise.  LinkedIn now shows these recommendations in a much more visible spot than before.  So if you haven’t received any yet, now is the time to start asking.  As far as how to ask for a recommendation, its much like asking for a personal recommendation. Write a message to one of your connections, and keep it short and sweet.  If you have recommendations already, then you’ll be happy to hear they are being put front and center on your company page.  As a precaution check to see if they are up to date and are written well.  Since they are so visible, you want them to reflect your business in the best possible way.

LinkedIn posts are beginning to resemble those on Facebook.  Now the posts show up with an  avatar-like picture on the left of your post.  The picture is not new to LinkedIn but it was never available on company pages, just the personal profile’s home feed.  Now you can enjoy graphics when you post on your company page as well.  The picture is also a little bit larger than previous.  One of the more useful additions to the company pages is the “feature” option.  Much like how you can pin a post to the top of your Facbook business page, you can do the same with LinkedIn.  The post your select will appear at the top of the feed and remain there or a period of time. After you post an update, this option on the bottom right.  Simply check the click where it says “feature this update” and it’s now “featured.”

For the finale of the LinkedIn company page updates, be sure to read the following week on 11/12.  There are just a few more changes that have been made and they will be shared next week!  In the mean time to stay up to date on all social media news, please join us on Facebook.


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