KWSM Celebrates Jeff Soto Day

Mar 2022

jeff soto dayOn March 8, KWSM VP of Strategy & Client Relations, Jeff Soto, celebrated six years with the agency. Last year, on his fifth workiversary, we named March 8 “Jeff Soto Day” to honor his years of leadership and loyalty to our team.


This year, we celebrated the first anniversary by sharing all of the things we love and admire about Jeff. Here are just a few. 


His Creativity Is Unmatched

At KWSM, we pride ourselves on creativity – it’s actually one of our seven core values for the agency. 


Jeff is a great example of someone who can tap into their creativity quickly and effectively. His “microwave” thinking skills make him the perfect brainstorming partner, and some of our best campaigns have stemmed from his out-of-the-box ideas. When a team member is in need of a new approach or a way to shake things up for their client, Jeff is often the first person they call.


His Fearless Leadership Inspires All

As one of the longest-standing members of KWSM’s leadership team, Jeff has worked with each team member to better their client relationships, offer new tactics and campaign strategies, and make sure that we all feel connected to each other and the agency as a whole.


He displays the kind of confidence and authority that inspires action, while also ensuring every team member feels heard, understood, and appreciated. Even when he tells it to you straight, it is clear that he cares about and believes in our team, which makes him a leader we can always count on.


Jeff also inspires people outside of KWSM and our clients! Because of his positive energy, knowledge of the industry, and ability to command a room’s attention, he is regularly asked to speak at local events on behalf of our agency. Here he is speaking for a class at Cal State Fullerton this month!

jeff at cal state fullerton

He Keeps Us Laughing

From cracking jokes during morning Huddle, feeding his pet squirrels in an internal Zoom meeting, to bringing out his sombrero at every opportunity, Jeff knows how to make work fun. Our team is skilled at accomplishing great work and staying on task, while also keeping each other smiling – Jeff is a great example of that.

He Keeps Us Growing

I virtually “met” Jeff during my first week of work at KWSM over two and a half years ago. He had heard through the grapevine that I was interested in learning more about PR, so he swooped in and offered to give me a call. One hour later, we had committed to partnering together for KWSM’s first-ever Mentorship Program.


Every other week for three months, we met via Zoom to go over what makes an effective press release. Thanks to his curriculum, teaching skills, and leadership (not to mention patience while I learned the ropes), we ended up winning the Mentorship Showdown!


kwsm mentorship showdown

I could see how Jeff contributed to our team’s growth then, and I have continued to see this every day since. Not only has he helped me become a better marketer, but he has also been there to cheer me on and offer advice every time I felt timid or unsure, all of which I am incredibly grateful for.


Thank You, Jeff!

On behalf of the entire KWSM team, thank you, Jeff, for all of the ways you lead and care for us. You are truly one of a kind, and we appreciate all that you do and all that you are. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for both you and the agency.


Happy Jeff Soto Day!



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