Instagrammer vs. Blogger vs. YouTuber | The Many Faces of Influencers and Which is Right for Your Brand?

Sep 2017

Welcome to 2017, where a quick promotion from a former Bachelor contestant or Kardashian can take a company out of obscurity and straight into the public eye. Today’s generation of influencers has opened up an entirely different form of marketing, and like social media, there are different platforms businesses can use.


Instagram, blogs, and YouTube are some of the most popular ways young influencers grow their brand and audience, an audience that could potentially purchase your products – if you can reach them. With influencer marketing, you have the opportunity to vet a particular influencer whose audience aligns with your target audience and work out a deal for them to promote your company to their followers. But with influencers specializing in all different types of platforms, how do you know which type of influencer is right for you?


The Instagrammer

The Instagrammer persuades audiences with their images. The Instagrammer has perfected their “aesthetic” and has developed their online personality all through the lens of the camera. If your product is unique and eye-catching, partnering with an influencer who has built their following based off of their ability to capture beauty through photographs might be the best way to show off your brand.


The Blogger

The blogger is a writer who can best convey their message through their words. Blogging is great for any brand whose product relies on storytelling to get its message across. If your company is more of a “brand” or service, rather than one individual product, a blogger might be the perfect influencer for you. Bloggers can relay their experiences through their stories, so after working with your brand, a blogger can rave about your company without the restriction of a short Instagram description.


The YouTuber

The YouTuber is charismatic and uses their personality to connect with an audience. This builds trust with their followers who value their opinion when it comes to the products they promote. If your product requires demonstration, working with a YouTuber is key. YouTubers can explain a more complex product to their audience and really show off what makes your brand special.


You know when it comes to marketing for your company, it is important that you are marketing with the right tools to best sell your products. The same goes for influencer marketing. Not all brands seek the same promotion. Get creative with your content and think outside of the box, sometimes you never know what works until you try. If you’re interested in using influencer marketing to promote your company, KWSM can help connect you with an influencer who will work best for you. Contact us today to get started.

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