Instagram Lets Users Share Music

Dec 2018

With a New Year comes new changes to social media. Instagram is letting you share your favorite tracks and songs with your friends, Facebook Messenger is upgrading its camera with some fun new features, and Twitter is putting you back in control of your feed with just one tap. Here are the trending social media stories you need to know.


Share Your Favorite Songs With Friends On Instagram


The next time your favorite artists drops a soon-to-be hit, you can share that tune with your friends on Instagram. The massively popular video and image sharing app recently added in a new feature that lets you send music recommendations as replies to question stickers posted in Instagram Stories. You will also be able to share your favorite songs on their Instagram Story. With these new features in place, it’s easier than ever to find new music or share your favorite track with everyone else on Instagram. The platform will also allow you to add video effects in you Stories that match the beat of songs. If you’ve ever wanted to be a music video producer, here’s your chance.


Facebook Messenger Gets Camera Upgrades

Facebook has added three new camera tools to Messenger. You’re probably familiar with Boomerang, but you may be less familiar with one of the other features, which is a background blur effect that focuses on users’ faces to take perfect selfies. The final effect is an AR (Augmented Reality) effect that overlays stickers into reality. Facebook hopes that these new changes on Messenger will help users become more active on the app besides just using its chat functionality.


Twitter Lets You Pick How You Want Your Feed


Twitter’s new Sparkle button will let you opt out of the platform’s algorithm-based feed and instead view tweets in chronological order. The feature is rolling out on iOS first and is slated to come to Android devices at a later date. You will notice that the new Sparkle button is in the top right of the app where the compose button used to be and can be activated with a simple tap. Twitter also states that whichever setting each user prefers will eventually become their default setting.


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