Instagram Gets A Makeover: Everything You Need To Know About the Newest Update

May 2016
Instagram Gets a Makover, Instagram Update
Photo Credit: @Instagram

Say goodbye to the retro camera lens! Instagram’s most recent update unveils a completely new look that includes a modernized logo and new color scheme. And though little has changed in the technical department, the visual redesign has sparked rampant chatter throughout the social media world. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest Instagram update:

Perhaps the most noteworthy change is the app’s new logo. The platform replaced the iconic brown camera lens with a modern, more colorful design. Instagram said the new logo, though much more colorful than its previous, was inspired by the original. This logo overhaul marks the first of its kind for Instagram, who has not altered its logo since its launch six years ago.

As for the rest of the redesign, don’t let the logo’s bold colors fool you. Instagram’s interface has gone monochromatic, trading the traditional black and blue for a black and white color scheme. The previously orange notifications are now displayed in red. The minimalistic design aims to improve user experience, bringing focus to the photos and videos in the feed. The company also updated the logos for its other apps, Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse.

So why the change? In the past, Instagram users have not been very receptive to the new and improved. Remember when they announced the algorithmic newsfeed? Many users took to Twitter to share their disapproval of the minimalistic design, saying it looks uninspired and lacks the charm it once had. Some even went so far as to describe it as clinical. Ian Spalter, Instagram’s head of design explained the reason for the redesign. “The Instagram icon and design was beginning to feel, well…not reflective of the community and we thought we could make it better.”

Whether Instagram needed a redesign is debatable, but a fresh new look certainly isn’t going to hurt the app’s popularity. Rebranding can be risky for many businesses, especially when users have developed connections and associations with these brands, however, we doubt Instagram is in danger of losing its 400 million-plus following.

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