Instagram Debuts In-Demand Feature

Feb 2016
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Love is in the air and the social media platforms you’re crushing on are sending some affection your way in the form of updates. Managing multiple profiles just got insta-easy, Facebook is communicating more clearly, and Twitter is embracing the #nonewfriends trend. Here’s a look at what you might’ve missed in social media news this week!

Instagram Debuts In-Demand Feature

Managing multiple accounts on Instagram just got a whole lot easier! This week the picture-centric platform debuted their toggle feature for users who manage multiple accounts. The tool is easy to handle and allows the insta-savvy to juggle between profiles and post accordingly. To avoid account confusion and other unnecessary hassles, your profile picture will be displayed at the top of each screen. The toggling feature is available for both Android and iOS with the 7.15 update. Happy toggling!

Facebook Tries a New Advertising Strategy

Since debuting in March 2014, Facebook video ads have been accepted as a common component of the social site, but advertisers say video views aren’t enough. Although video ads automatically play, it’s practically impossible to get users to automatically listen. This week the social network introduced a non-intrusive solution to the issue: closed captioning. You can now include your own closed captioning when you upload videos through Facebook’s ads manager. Facebook officials say the added captions can increase a video’s watch time by 12 percent.

Twitter Flies Straight

While the future of the most popular microblogging site is uncertain, for now, Twitter’s profits seem to be in line with what experts predicted. On Wednesday, the social media platform’s Q4 and full year earnings were released with Twitter officially raking in $2.2 billion in 2015. But the site isn’t busting out the champagne quite yet. While profits steadily rose, their monthly active users stayed stagnant at 320 million from Q3 to Q4. This is a big concern considering all of the new features Twitter has debuted over the past year to attract new fans. The latest report indicates features like Twitter’s “Moments” and Twitter Polls haven’t helped the site grow in popularity.

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