Inside KWSM’s Holiday Celebrations

Dec 2018

Oh, what fun it is to work at KWSM, especially during the holidays. The month of December at KWSM is very merry as we host Secret Santa over the span of four weeks, have our holiday cooking party, and of course – our December birthday celebrations. This month’s team celebrations brought ugly sweaters, gingerbread houses, and as always a little friendly competition.

Building gingerbread houses was a first for KWSM but will definitely not be the last, as I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say it was a fun-filled afternoon. The entire team came to work in their best ugly sweater to get in the holiday spirit, and everyone went all out with their elf hoods, Star Wars themed sweaters and ones that lit up.

Since KWSM has offices in Orange County California, Atlanta, and Las Vegas, it’s important that we all get to know each other, and the celebrations are part of tightening those bonds. Anytime we have an office event we video stream our two other offices in so they can always be a part of whatever is happening. We also do this for various types of client meetings. There are various free and paid platforms that offices can use like BlueJeans and Zoom.

Back to the gingerbread houses. Everyone gathered around our giant conference table and was given their own mini gingerbread house to decorate. We did, however, pair off to help each other create our mini masterpieces. It’s very similar to how we collaborate on every account we manage. There were compounds, ski chalets, and cozy homes all decorated to perfection. I may or may not have poured out an entire packet of frosting, but it was all in good fun. We definitely nibbled a little of the decorative candy too.

All of us at KWSM love what we do, and a big part of that is being a part of a company that values culture. We hope by showcasing our team’s behind the scenes, it inspires other business owners to do the same.

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