How To Write a Proper Pinterest Description

Jul 2014
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Pinterest is a great way to gain greater exposure online for your business as well as potentially increase website traffic. The social channel has 2.2 million active daily users to-date – that’s a lot of pinning! And with most of that population (70 percent) looking for what to buy on Pinterest, there is potential to not only build a loyal following, but for users to buy your product or service, too. Since the search tool on Pinterest is an important way for people to find content from your business, you’ll want to sharpen your description writing skills.

Every pin has the option of inputting a description. It should be a description that gives context to the image. The best descriptions help people imagine what they might get from your pin while also providing extra information when necessary.

Remember, pins last forever, so try to avoid descriptions that focus on timely promotional information. For instance, if you own a gym, instead of pinning your monthly sign-up promotion that will only last a few weeks (Facebook and Twitter are better channels for that), pin some interesting health tips or recipes with a detailed description so users can easily access the information and know exactly what they’re getting from your pin.

Think about what people who are looking for a certain pin may search for. Is it a sweater, or is it a purple sweater? A cardigan or a pullover sweater? Mention the most compelling and distinct parts of the pin in your description and your pins are more likely to surface when people get specific in searches.

The description is an important part of captivating users. By incorporating the right search words, you’ll help Pinners imagine what they will get from your pin better – and hopefully even get some new followers!

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