How to Utilize Your Email List on Social Media

Jan 2016
PC: @alinaermilova
PC: @alinaermilova

You may already be familiar with how to connect your email database to social media, but are you taking full advantage of your email list on social media? Beyond uploading your list, there are further steps you can take to reach a greater audience, gain warmer leads for sales, and grow your brand’s online fanbase. Here are three simple ways you should be using your email list to boost your social media results:


Create A List to Import on Social Media

If you have an email list via a email marketing website, such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, or AWeber, then you have access to a large database of emails of customers or likely customers that are considered warm leads. To import your email list on social media, create a CSV spreadsheet of those emails and/or phone numbers. You can create this in Excel and simply save the file as a CSV to your desktop.


Use Your List to Increase Your Fans

A free way to gain more Facebook fans for your business page is to upload your email list to your business’ profile page and suggest the page to those contacts. Click on the three dots over your profile’s cover photo, and choose “Suggest Page.” Next upload your CSV file and follow the onscreen instructions. This action will result in your page being suggested to the contacts from your CSV that are on Facebook. The users will see your page in the “Recommended Pages” section.

You can upload a maximum of 5,000 contacts at one time, and can upload contacts up to five times for a maximum of 7,000 contacts per day per Page. Keep this in mind and if your list exceeds this amount, simply break it up and plan to repeat the action for the next few days until you have suggested your business Page to all the contacts in your CSV email list.


Use Your List for Ad Targeting

When you create an ad for your business page, targeting the correct audience is key. Using your email list for Facebook targeting, for example, can greatly increase your conversion rate for sales and decrease your cost per result. According to a study by TechCrunch, an e-commerce company who targeted their email list found a 43% increase in conversion rate and a 30% decrease in cost per lead.

You may be alarmed when using your CSV email list that the number for potential reach is dramatically lower than when you target without the list – however, keep in mind that 5,000 warm leads are much better than 10,000 cold or lukewarm ones. TechCrunch’s study also showed three times as much engagement as standard ads and twice as many viral activity (Facebook likes, shares, and comments). Remember, those who are already interested in your brand are more likely to engage with your page and posts.


To learn how to grow your list of contacts to utilize on social media, read what steps you can take to grow your email list.

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