How to Tell Your Company's Story By Live Streaming

Jun 2016


As the social media universe expands, platforms are learning more about what users care about most. Live streaming is perhaps the hottest technology because it allows users to broadcast their story in real time with the world. Periscope is one of the major players in the live streaming space.   At the click of a button, fans can either transmit live video to the world, or they can watch one of the many active live feeds at a given time. This unique platform opens a new door to companies to share information and seek the benefits from yet another social media channel. Many successful companies are already using Periscope, and there are many different ways your company can utilize this live video app.


Live Product Demos

Does your company have a new product to display? With the Periscope app, you and your colleagues can stream tutorials and demonstrations in real time while answering incoming questions users will be sending in. Not only is your video in real time, but also streaming in real time are the viewer’s comments. This is a great opportunity to do a short Q&A while explaining the new product and get fans excited about what’s to come.

Behind the Scenes

Nowadays, people are nosy. Your followers will love to see what’s going on behind the scenes in the office. This is a new way you can tell the story of your business. Viewers can see the faces and personalities behind your company and feel more connected to your brand.  One of the best ways to build brand loyalty is to offer exclusive access. Live streaming can take people behind the walls of your brand and expose them to never before-seen elements of your company.


Live Events

Bring your fans along with you! Whether you are hosting the event or just attending, live streaming will make your audience feel like part of the company. Exclusive events are intriguing to your followers, and they will want to tune in to see what is going on and be apart of the fun.


Hold Focus Groups

People love to give their feedback and express their opinion; that’s why polls on other social channels are so popular. Use this opportunity to showcase different variations of your product and get live feedback from your customers! Your audience will be excited to be the first ones to see the new products, and you will get instant feedback on the spot.

Exclusive Offers

Make your Periscope followers feel special! If your company regularly does giveaways, coupon codes, or special offers, make one specific to Periscope! This will widen your audience on the app and help create more followers so they will know where to tune in later for even more interesting content from your company.


Periscope is a unique way to interact with your followers and be able to establish your brand in a whole new way. In the realm of social media, there is always something new! To stay up to date on all the new and latest things, follow us on Facebook!


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